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Welcome to Showstoppers Martial Arts

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of personal growth and self discovery, which will increase physical fitness and self-defense. We encourage the foundation of high personal standards and empower our students with personal control over their body, mind and spirit, which will enable them to live a happier and more successful life.


A strong emphasis placed on respect and discipline of kids, fitness and stress relief for adults and fun for everyone.  Martial Arts training can put an arrow-dynamic spin on your life, which can help to create direction, focus and balance.  It can improve the body as well as the mind.



At our Dojo - we are lead by our founder Master Gichin Funakoshi's guiding principles called The Dojo Kun.


  1. Seek perfection of character

  2. Be faithful

  3. Endevour to excel

  4. Respect others

  5. Refrain from violent behavior

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