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Frequently Asked Questions:


When is payment due for classes?

Payment is due by the 5th day of each month.



How do I pay for Classes?

Classes can be paid by certified funds, cash, or by way of credit card transaction.



How long is your contract/term?

SMA has absolutely NO CONTRACTS. 



What should my child wear for class?

Your child will wear a Karate uniform, which is commonly known as a Gi.  A Gi can be purchased from your SMA Instructor. 



How many belts are there before black belt?

There are 10 Kyu levels. Kyu levels are anything under black belt. Once you reach a black belt level it is called a ShoDan level.  Any belt higher then ShoDan are considered degrees.


Are your teachers qualified?

Yes, and qualified in First Aid with the American Red Cross, CPR/AED (Adult & Child)


Can parents watch?

Yes, we encourage our parents to watch. We also have parents/child karate classes so that the parent(s) can be interactive with their child(ren) while in class.


How long does it take to test?

SMA, does not put a time limit on when someone will test. We test the students when we feel like that they can execute a level of proficiency. 



If I have rank in another style of martial arts and I join SMA, can I keep my same rank and belt?

All students will be evaluated and the results will determine what belt rank will be held within our curriculum.  We do not want to undermine any other prior achievements, but we do want the student to be successful in the style of traditional Shotokan Karate.  (Please note that once you have earned a belt in another style, you do not lose your actual belt rank for that particular curriculum or school that it was earned in.)

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